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RAPA at SHORT & SWEET in 2018


RAPA has a long association with Short & Sweet and we’ve been presenting plays at this festival since 2005.

In February 2018 we presented the 10 minute drama “Distortion” written by
Kaz Getts, directed by Warren Bradey, in the Top 80.

This is a serious relationship drama. Two friends Alisha and Lexi share a flat but the two young women share very diferent vies of Alisha’s new boyfirend with disatrous consequences.

Performances at the Tom Mann Theatre Surry Hills, Top 80, Week 3.

Short & Sweet Sydney 2018


Teodora Matovic as Lexi and Julie Bettens as Alisha


RAPA is one of the very few civic theatre companies that actively develops and promotes emerging talent and supports productions of new works. Since 2003 we’ve premiered more than
TWENTY FIVE original works !!!.
A record to be very proud of.


contact details : Phone 02 94400013  or email      rapa at business-sense.com.au