coppertail creek


It is just after Christmas on a farm at the town of Coppertail Creek south west of Sydney. Bored with life on the farm and lonely for female companionship, 4 brothers (Mick, Brad, Ben and Shane) decide to put an ad on the internet for dates for a New Year’s Eve party that they plan to host at the local pub, the Sirocco Arms.

The boys are desperate to have a fun New Year’s Eve as they lost their Mum 6 months ago. Their Dad, Bob, was devastated by his wife Mary’s death but the boys have noticed that their father has been quite chirpy since Christmas Eve. They don’t know that Mary has come back temporarily as a ghost to sort things out and that Bob can see and talk to her. Also living on the farm is Sam (Samantha), Bob’s niece, orphaned after a farm accident. Sam is in love with Mick, but he doesn’t know she’s alive.

Meanwhile at the Copper Club, a trendy if struggling night spot, the club’s owners and showgirls try to find a better way of spending New Year’s Eve after the miserable time they all had last year. They find the boys’ ad and decide to travel to Coppertail Creek in search of romance. They are also intrigued by the last part of the boys’ invitation – to stay on for the “Coppertail Cup”.

Coppertail Creek is also home to some colourful characters such as Sher, the local publican, Cookie, the chef and Silent Trev, the barman.

The boys’ plans for love are thrown into chaos when Bob has a car accident and the town appears to be haunted. The action builds and culminates in the running of the mysterious Coppertail Cup, the world’s most bizarre talent quest.


The music/songs featured in Coppertail Creek date from the late 1960’s to the present day and include some beloved Country & Western and Rock classics like “Way out West”, “Throw Your Arms Around Me”, “Two Strong Hearts”, “Gamble Everything for Love”, “Throw Your Arms Around Me” and “The Carnival is Over”. You’ll be singing along with the cast between laughter and tears!